9/30/2014-JD Droddy is the manager of the Trinidad Colorado Triggers and is clearly one of the most interesting characters in the Pecos League. JD is from Hull, Tx and graduated from Stephen F Austin in Nacogdoches, Texas. JD then joined the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant. In Vietnam Droddy flew 44 combat missions in the B52.

While in the Air Force JD earned an MBA from University of North Dakota. Droddy retired in 1986 as Lieutenant Colonel where he served as assistant deputy commander for resource management at Torrejon AFB, Spain. During his span in the Air Force JD lived in Sacramento, Fort Worth, Grand Forks, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Louisville.

After his retirement from the Air Force, JD attended and graduated from Harvard Law School. JD Droddy practiced law in Oregon and Kentucky where he worked for large law firms. JD was earning a masters and PHD in political science at University of Kentucky. Droddy then was an assistant Professor of Government for four years at Western Kentucky.

JD then moved to Ely, Minnesota, where he was chief operating officer and chief academic officer at Vermilion Community College. He served there two years before he decided he would retire for good.

JD moved to Alamogordo New Mexico in 2002 to get out of the cold. From 2003-2013 JD was instrumental in the Alamogordo Music Theatre. He produced three plays and he wrote two plays.

In 2010 the Pecos League announced the arrival of the White Sands Pupfish. Droddy was immediately intrigued and served as a host family in 2011 for the Pupfish. JD housed three members of the Pupfish and wanted to be a part of the league. JD was the team photographer and helped with a variety of roles.

In 2012 the Pecos League expanded to Trinidad Colorado taking White Sands assistant Coach Justin Lowery and naming him manager. Lowery immediately named JD assistant coach. Droddy always loved Colorado from his Air Force Days. In the middle of the 2012 season JD took over as interim manager duties from Lowery when Lowery was removed from the team. JD then moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and was named manager for the 2013 season. JD led the Triggers to the playoffs in 2013 and ran a very structured program.

In 2012 a reality TV Show shot pilot footage of the Pecos League in hopes of creating a show that followed one of the teams. The show launched and Trinidad was the team selected. JD and Triggers were followed by a camera crew for all 70 games.

"I got used to having a microphone every day. I believe the production crew did it right. Six months from now the Triggers will be a household name and I am glad to be a part of it. I have done a lot of things in my life and I have enjoyed my time with the Triggers."