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Bladels big day not enough as the Trinidad Triggers fall to the Santa Fe Fuego 23-13


Johnny Bladel clubbed two home runs, but it wasnt enough to carry the Trinidad Triggers (11-11) to a win on Sunday, as the Trinidad Triggers fell to the Santa Fe Fuego (15-9) 23-13 at Fort Marcy Park.

Both squads had things going at the plate, tallying 36 runs and 44 hits, including zero extra base hits. Relief pitchers got their fill of innings during the game, with the opposing managers using eight pitchers in total.

The Santa Fe Fuego didnt let up, as they kept racking up runs until the end. The Santa Fe Fuego scored three runs in the final three innings to cap the blowout win. The Santa Fe Fuego scored 10 runs in the third on the Santa Fe Fuego scored in the third on an RBI double by Chevas Numata, an RBI single by Tyler Cox, a two-run double by Bryson Sims, an error, an RBI double by Andrew Shoulders, and a home run by Aaron Carman.

Carman racked up four RBIs on four hits for the Santa Fe Fuego.

The Santa Fe Fuego pounded the Trinidad Triggers pitching, as eight hitters combined for 27 hits, 20 RBIs and 21 runs scored.
 R   H   E 
TRI    13   14   1 
SAF    23   31   1